St. Matthew and the Angel

St. Matthew and the Angel by Unidentified artist

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In this work by an unknown artist, Saint Matthew is shown seated on a rock, writing his gospel in the presence of an angel. Traditionally, each of the four Gospel writers is associated with a symbol: Saint Mark, a winged lion; Saint Luke, a winged ox; Saint John, an eagle; and Saint Matthew, an angel, which became his traditional symbol because the first story in his gospel describes how Saint Joseph saw an angel in a dream. In the New Testament of the Bible, Matthew 18:10 is also sometimes interpreted as evidence of guardian angels.

Oil on panel

Gift of Edgar William and Bernice Chysler Garbisch

Item ID
21 x 15 3/4 in. (53.3 x 40 cm)
ca. 1830
Artist name
Unidentified artist
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