The Mowers (When Hearts Beat as One)

Granville Redmond (1907)

What is the physical toll of work?

An early work by Redmond, this painting was made in Northern California shortly after the artist’s return from Paris. The landscape effectively combines the themes of harvest and workers, which Redmond would have seen during his time as an art student in France, with the decorative patterning and Tonalist atmosphere that he admired in the work of California painters Gottardo Piazzoni and Arthur Mathews.

\ Artist

Granville Redmond

Death place:
Los Angeles, California

Granville Redmond was born in Philadelphia, and his family migrated to San Jose, California, a few years later. He lost his hearing as a young child, and he attended the California School for the Deaf in Fremont until the age of 19. He continued his education at the California School of Design in San Francisco, and the School for the Deaf funded additional study in Paris. Redmond eventually returned to California, where he made his reputation as a painter of coastal landscapes.

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Oil on canvas


Gift of Barbara N. and William G. Hyland