Harlem River at High Bridge

Ernest Lawson (ca. 1915)

How has industry changed the landscape of America?

In 1893 Lawson left for France to study Impressionism at its source; he hoped “to keep my individuality and at the same time get as much of the best French influence as will be consistent with it.” He usually painted en plein air, working directly on the canvas without preliminary studies, later reworking paintings in his studio. In this work, Lawson presents a study in contrasts, juxtaposing aspects of modern city life with bucolic landscape elements inspired by French Impressionism.

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Ernest Lawson


Ernest Lawson trained in the tradition of French Impressionism, studying the changing effects of light and atmosphere and painting with broken strokes of variegated color. Lawson's paintings incorporated a heavy impasto and decorative surface patterning, and in 1893, he left for France to study Impressionism at its source. Returning to the United States, Lawson sought to apply his training to the modern landscape to New York City, repeatedly painting urban settings with an Impressionist brush.

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Oil on canvas


Gift of Harry William and Diana Vernon Hind