Lux Aeterna

Gottardo Piazzoni (1914)

Is this painting luminous or ominous?

In his study of the artist’s life and work, Gene Hailey concluded, “In the narration of Piazzoni’s interesting life, the evaluators of his work have played upon the adjectives of beauty and truth, a symphony of heavenly music. Searching for a conclusion, the Lux Aeterna seems fitting. In this painting Piazzoni has epitomized the desire of his life; that of flooding the white-robed figure of truth and beauty, in the effulgence of eternal light.”

\ Artist

Gottardo Piazzoni

Death place:
Carmel Valley, California

Gottardo Piazzoni was born in Intragna, Switzerland; he moved with his family to California at the age of 15. His father had established a dairy farm in Carmel Valley, and life on the farm taught Piazzoni to revere and respect nature. He studied with Arthur Mathews at the California School of Design, followed by a sojourn in Paris. Piazzoni eventually settled in California, where he developed a mature style featuring harmonious palettes, spare compositions, and poetic symbolism.

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Oil on canvas


Gift in memory of Ethel A. Voorsanger by her friends through the Patrons of Art and Music